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Carole Joy

Administrative Assistant
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Phone: (310) 226-7878
Fax: (310) 226-7879

10517 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90064

Carole is a pre-law student at UCLA studying Communications and Music Industry. She is set to receive her Bachelor’s degree in 2023 and plans to attend law school afterwards. Carole is unquestionably extroverted and has a strong affinity for communicating with others in any form – in person, over the phone, or even in court.

Carole knew she wanted to become an attorney from an early age. She always loved being given a stance to argue and dedicating herself to that stance completely. Carole’s also known for a while that she’d like to specialize in music copyright law, and so helping people secure their intellectual property is right up her alley. Discovering samples in contemporary music and unearthing the inspiration behind songs has always been a source of fascination for Carole. Because she is skilled at arguing and applying rules to concepts, she found that music copyright law would be a perfect crossroads between her talents and her interests. To her, it is also the most dynamic of the law practices, radically changing with every technological advancement and every album that is released.

Carole is our administrative assistant who handles intake and social media. If you give us a call you’ll probably speak to Carole. If you check us out on social media you’ll probably see Carole. When she’s not helping clients or posting about the latest law updates, you can find Carole making healthy snacks, playing with the dogs or recording videos of her outfits. She is currently trying to win over the heart of Coco - one of our office mascots, and she is making great progress. When she’s not at the office, Carole is probably making playlists, practicing exotic instruments, or writing jokes for her next stand-up comedy show.

At school, Carole is probably taking a class on some obscure topic, taking self-timer photos in the hallway, giving presentations on consent, and being an active member in her school’s Middle Eastern Student Association. She is active in her church and in non-profit organizations that focus their efforts on refugees.

Carole’s family means everything to her. Mention any country in the world and she probably has a cousin there – whom she keeps up with often. She currently has 3 cousins that attend UCLA with her and several more cousins awaiting her at law schools. She has a little sister and an older brother who also do stand-up comedy. She also has a red dog named Delilah whom she will gladly show you a picture of – in an overly-excited manner resembling a grandparent showing you their first grandchild.

Carole considers herself a fan of TV Dramas and Neo-Noir films, she recently began watching more comedies like Family guy and the sort. She is not a fan of reality TV. After spending countless hours helping her brother (a director/screenwriter) with scripts, “unscripted” television is a slap in the face.

You can always count on Carole to crack a joke at every meeting or have a crazy story to tell from the day before.

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