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Carole Joy

Administrative Assistant
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Phone: (310) 226-7878
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10517 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90064

Carole is a pre-law communications and music industry student at UCLA with a strong affinity for communicating and interacting with others. 

From an early age, Carole loved arguing, so she thought, "why not make a career out of it?"  She still loves to argue, but only when necessary now, and she foresees that it will be necessary for her future as a lawyer.  Carole is currently an administrative assistant at Milord Law Group, but is also the office tea connoisseur, lunch enjoyer, dog petter, and fashion trendsetter.  She loves to wear eccentric outfits, colorful jackets and avant-garde shoes to work.  She firmly believes beauty and fashion industry needs to make room for her, rather than her having to fit into the standard they have designed for all women.  Carole spends her time outside of work writing poetry, making music, and eating good food.  When she goes out to restaurants, she makes sure to sit with her back to the wall so she can people watch the whole time.  Carole makes an effort to utilize the teachings from her communications classes to help others.  Her endeavors include but are not limited to her role as a consent educator on campus, an advocate for human rights in Middle Eastern countries, a volunteer at her church, and she's part of several nonprofit organizations.  Carole finds her identity in her culture, spirituality, and love for interacting with people.  Because Carole loves understanding people so much, she has a special interest in people that she can't quite seem to understand, like The Weekend, David Lynch, Edgar Allen Poe, and her roommates.  

Carole's always known she's wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry, having grown up with a comedian and a director.  Still, she aims to enter from a new angle, one that will allow the utilization of her skills and surround herself by her true love: music.  She noticed how much she enjoys discussing samples and similar sounding songs, and so music copyright law became her main goal.  She plans to help artists be as creative as possible, while also protecting  artists who have already created inspiring works.  She is even considering pursuing her own music career if she can ever figure out how to use production websites.  Carole enjoys watching older TV shows, neo-noir films, sitcoms, and mob movies.  If you're ever around Carole, ask her about the origins of your favorite song, or about the best place to eat nearby, or about her dog, which she will show off in a manner that resembles a grandparent showing you their first grandchild on their iPad.
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