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Patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets - all are valuable assets to your business.

Super Lawyers The cornerstones for safeguarding your intellectual property are careful planning coupled with informed research, timely filing, and consistent enforcement.

Milord & Associates' Los Angeles trademark attorneys will safeguard these assets and show you how they can be leveraged to increase your business revenue.

Your Company can Benefit From Our Exclusive Focus on the Following Five Areas Patents

Gain a substantial competitive advantage by obtaining patent protection for your inventions.


Increase your market share through brand recognition and goodwill among consumers. Your trademarks, domain name and business name become more recognizable – and valuable – with extended use in the market place.


Protect your creative work by properly registering copyrights for your websites, writings, marketing materials, music or developed software. These represent your competitive advantage in the market place.

Trade Secrets

Guard the intensive work you have invested while developing your business know-how, customer lists, market intelligence and business plans over the years.


Advance your business interests during litigation – whether you're the plaintiff or the defendant.

Attorney Profiles
Picture of Milord A. Keshishian

Milord A. Keshishian practices law with a focus on intellectual property rights. His training and experience includes the areas of patent, trademark, copyright, unfair competition, trade secret, and franchise law. He has extensive experience in litigating these matters, as well as counseling clients on transactions surrounding technology acquisitions and other business ventures.

Picture of Stephanie V. Trice

With over twenty years of experience in the legal field, associate attorney Stephanie V. Trice brings to Milord & Associates a passion for client advocacy and interest in the nuances of intellectual property law.She enjoys working with artists, business owners, and inventors at the earliest stage, often when there is nothing to see but a bright idea, and provides guidance to achieve their objectives and develop their intellectual property portfolio.

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Milord is not only our attorney, but he has become our valuable business advisor. David Louie, Arkivio
Best experience ever. They have a lot of experience and get down to business for you. I highly recommend this firm for any Trademark cases. Thank you for saving me. Isaac Esrailian
Very friendly and helpful people. I would recommend them to any one. Donald T.
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