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Patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets – all are valuable assets  to your business.

  • The cornerstones for safeguarding your intellectual property are careful planning coupled with informed research, timely filing, and consistent enforcement.
  • Milord & Associates' Los Angeles trademark attorneys will safeguard these assets and show you how they can be leveraged to increase your business revenue.

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Gain a substantial competitive advantage by obtaining patent protection for your inventions. Learn about
Patent Protection


Increase your market share through brand recognition and goodwill among consumers. Your trademarks, domain name and business name become more recognizable – and valuable – with extended use in the market place. Learn about
Trademark Registration


Protect your creative work by properly registering copyrights for your websites, writings, marketing materials, music or developed software. These represent your competitive advantage in the market place. Learn about

Trade Secrets

Guard the intensive work you have invested while developing your business know-how, customer lists, market intelligence and business plans over the years. Learn about
Trade Secrets


Advance your business interests during litigation – whether you're the plaintiff or the defendant. Learn about
IP Litigation

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Los Angeles Copyright Attorneys File Jewelry Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Over Copying Protected Jewelry Design
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Los Angeles Trademark Attorneys Filed A Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Against Genetic Denim's Stitching Trademark On Jeans
Los Angeles, CA – Trademark attorneys for Project E filed a trademark infringement and Lanham Act § 43(a) unfair competition

Trade Secrets Misappropriation & Trade Dress Infringement Litigation Commenced In A Mother-Against-Daughter Lawsuit Over The Little Giraffe Trademark And Business
Los Angeles, CA – A mother-daughter team founded The Little Giraffe, Inc. to manufacture baby and adult accessories, apparel and giftware under the trademarks...