Arya Stark Keshishian

Chief Fun Officer and IP Enforcer

Arya Stark Keshishian After a few belly rubs and treats, Arya Stark Keshishian, aka the Pit Bull of IP, was convinced Milord Law Group is the right firm for her. She is a mixed breed terrier who moved her way up from "fetching" clients, to her current responsibilities of welcoming the mail man, delivering packages, and walking the staff several times per day. Arya is fiercely protective of our client's interests, so works with the team to sniff out IP infringement, obviously preferring those in the food and pet industries. However, she is happy to attend all conferences and will photobomb a Zoom call if she feels you may need to stretch your legs. Arya is passionate about long walks, lunchtime, naps, making new friends, and spreading joy to all.

Check out Arya's adventures and intellectual property commentary on Instagram @pitbullofip.

Client Reviews
Milord is not only our attorney, but he has become our valuable business advisor. David Louie, Arkivio
Best experience ever. They have a lot of experience and get down to business for you. I highly recommend this firm for any Trademark cases. Thank you for saving me. Isaac Esrailian
Very friendly and helpful people. I would recommend them to any one. Donald T.