Insuring Your Creative Expression is Protected
  • Copyright protection extends to a wide range of subject matter. You can copyright your software, multimedia, marketing brochures, website content, even floral designs in your textile print, and any original form of expression that you record in a tangible manner.
Timely Copyright Registration Pays Dividends

Small fees that offer maximum protection. Inexpensive copyright registration fees represent a wise investment to protect your original works. Maximum protection is achieved when you register your copyrights within 90 days of the first date of publication. This allows for recovery of your attorneys fees and court costs when you are successful in a lawsuit. In addition, registration within that time also provides statutory damages up to $150,000 per infringement, and you do not even have to prove your own actual damages.

Filing Copyright Applications

Learn when and how to file for yourself. Your works must be registered properly to benefit from the maximum extent of the copyright laws. We provide you with our copyright expertise and teach you how to file your own applications on simple subject matter. However, when there are complex issues in copyright laws, such as derivative works or compilations, we will file the application on your behalf to insure maximum protection.

Retain Your Copyright Ownership

Close unexpected loopholes. You may hire a freelancer to write the content for your marketing brochure, and even pay a hefty sum for the service. But did you know that a freelancer owns the copyright in your brochure and can actually prevent you from making copies and distributing it? We draft the necessary documents to assign the copyrights to you, even if an independent contractor creates the work.

Copyright Litigation

Make sure litigation achieves your business goals. In every lawsuit, your business interest is at the forefront and we take the litigation posture that best improves your business. You can legally prevent others from making substantially similar versions of your copyrighted materials. However if cease and desist notifications are not enough, our experienced copyright attorneys can introduce copyright litigation in Federal Courts. We also enforce the right of publicity for our celebrity clients, and can prevent unauthorized use of your image.

Explore how you can retain the rights to your creative work. Contact our intellectual property lawyers for a consultation today.

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