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Jenna Han

Intellectual Property Paralegal
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Los Angeles, California 90071

Combine innovative, artistic, creative, and unique are some of the words to describe Jenna. Her passion lies in becoming a person who can play a role that protects people to safely invest in innovative research and innovative development of new technologies. Jenna always hoped to choose a profession that does not merely make money but where her passion lies. She is a person who loves doing creative things, and it quenches her inner thirst for creativity and innovation. What does this mean? Voila! Intellectual Property! Jenna is currently a Intellectual Property Paralegal/Law Clerk in Milord Law Group and is dedicated to learning more about many facets of law and are drawn to have exciting legal experiences. Ultimately, she aspires to become one of the inspiring and influential attorneys.

Before working at Milord Law Group, Jenna specialized in diverse legal fields, including immigration, civil law, and criminal law. As a Case Manager and Paralegal, she was an expert in managing heavy loads of cases, supporting numbers of attorneys, and even had opportunities to work on attorney’s duties. She is always dedicated, diligent, and a fast learner. As a result, she was promoted faster than her peers and has become a valuable asset to the company where most of the work revolved around her, and many colleagues and clients relied on her.

Additionally, Jenna was recommended by her supervising attorney to begin her path to becoming an attorney. Since she has a strong desire for education and loves challenges to improve herself, she started her Law School journey in October 2020 to get a Juris Doctorate Degree by 2024. Yes, that means she has been a full-time Law School student and a full-time Case Manager and Paralegal for the past 2 years. When she says she loves to challenge herself, she doesn't joke around.

Jenna was born and grew up in South Korea until 10 years old and moved to Irvine, California. After she finished high school, she studied Business, Event Management, International Tourism, and Hotel Management to receive two Bachelor of Arts degrees from Griffith University in Gold Coast, Australia. Throughout her college years, Jenna has contributed to several different industries, including events management, marketing, education, customer services, and legal services. Besides her extensive working experiences, she was also able to develop herself to become a better member of society by volunteering in several organizations to help people across her community and many countries. She taught the elderly population in a computer class in Irvine, California, and led an educational missionary program in Cambodia for children to help expand their knowledge.

Thus, her years of multicultural experiences around the world have influenced her to widen her insights and dream BIG. Jenna hopes to achieve her goal of safely supporting and helping people to spread out their creative innovations.

In her spare time, Jenna enjoys going for a hike and Pilates classes. On top of using every bit of her brain capacity to challenge herself, she also loves to do the same when it comes to fitness. Also, she loves to go under the sun by the pool to read books while she gets tanned. These activities help her clear and reset her mind from the busy working and studying schedule on weekdays. Believe it or not, she recently signed up and has been training for a half-marathon in October. Yes, she wants to become an attorney, not an athlete. Maybe an athletic attorney?

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Best experience ever. They have a lot of experience and get down to business for you. I highly recommend this firm for any Trademark cases. Thank you for saving me. Isaac Esrailian
Very friendly and helpful people. I would recommend them to any one. Donald T.