Obtaining the Broadest Possible Scope of Protection
  • Careful development of your patent portfolio can be the basis for a successful business - and can legally restrict your competitors.
  • Yet there may be aspects of your invention that you do not realize could be included in your patent. We help our clients obtain the broadest possible protection through their patents.
  • By carefully reviewing our clients' inventions and asking the appropriate questions, we often enable them to incorporate further aspects into their invention, thereby expanding the scope of their patent.
Prior Art Searches

Evaluate your investment in filing a patent. Prior to investing your time and money in the patenting process, a prior art search is conducted to assess existing patents and literature. This determines whether a particular invention is patentable - and if the scope of protection that it might receive is worth your capital investment.

Patent Applications

Maximize the scope of your patent. The inventor is an integral part of the patent application process and we interview the inventor to ensure your patent application includes the broadest scope of protection. Our patent professionals, attorneys and agents, gain an understanding of the science behind your inventions and then work diligently to protect your rights. After your application is reviewed by examiners at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ("PTO"), our experience allows us to tactfully respond to any rejections or objections the examiners may raise, all the while taking care not to surrender the scope of protection whenever possible. Our professionalism and interaction with the examiners at the PTO has gained their respect , and is an asset that works in your favor.

Types of Patents

Include both utility AND design. Utility patents protect the functionality of an invention, such as a locking mechanism for a door handle, whereas, design patents protect the aesthetic appearance of an invention, such as the artistic look of the handle. Our patent professionals are experienced in both aspects, and our work includes technologies in software, business method, biotech, electronic, toys, mechanical, chemical and wireless communication.

Foreign Patent Protection

Extend your invention to the global market. The business world is shrinking due to today's developing technologies. We protect your invention abroad by filing applications through the Patent Cooperation Treaty ("PCT"). Through our global partners, we are also able to file patent applications in each individual country where patent protection is needed. We also file U.S. applications for our international clients in the national phase of the PCT process.

Patent Litigation

Protect your right to conduct business. If your invention is being copied, you need to prevent lower quality products from cutting into your profits and infringing on your rights. We file patent infringement suits and use our experience to stop the infringing conduct - and recover your monetary damages.

Also, you may have to fight claims that your products are infringing on another company's patent. We can defend you against patent infringement allegations and use our experience to invalidate your competitors' patents, prove non-infringement, minimize any liabilities, or negotiate a favorable settlement so your business may proceed.

Take a tangible step toward expanding your patent protection. Contact our intellectual property lawyers for a consultation today.

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