Trade Secrets

Maintaining Your Competitive Edge
  • Your company has a variety of information that can be protected by trade secret law: your business plans, supplier list, customer list - even their purchasing habits. However, unless you take reasonable steps to guard the information properly you may lose the right to enforce any legal protections.
  • We will show you how to identify your trade secrets, establish the proper agreements, and maintain their enforceability - so you keep your competitive edge.
Protecting Your Trade Secrets

Inventory your valuable information. We will work with you to identify all of your business information that qualifies for trade secret protection and then provide you with the appropriate legal tools to protect your trade secrets.

Agreements to Protect Your Trade Secrets

Forge a shield with expertly crafted contracts. Your trade secrets can be protected by a variety of agreements, drafted with our years of experience. Through employment agreements and polices, consultant agreements, independent contractors agreements, non-disclosure agreements ("NDA") and manufacturing agreements, we protect and enforce our clients' rights.

Copyright in Software

Avoid disclosing your source code. Software developers often fear having to disclose their trade secret source code in copyright applications. We can file copyright applications for our clients without disclosing valuable trade secret source code but maximizing protection.

Trade Secret Litigation

Immediately halt unauthorized use. If a former employee has misappropriated your trade secret and is using it in a competing business, we can prevent this unauthorized use by filing a lawsuit and immediately seeking a preliminary injunction. This alone may accomplish your objective, unless we decide to seek damages. In any lawsuit, your business interest will always be at the forefront, determining the litigation posture that will best achieve your business goals.

Defend against litigation. We can also defend our clients against allegations of trade secret misappropriation and our extensive experience allows us to find shortcomings in the plaintiff's trade secret protection policies. This can be an effective approach for dismissing a lawsuit or negotiating a favorable settlement so your business may proceed.

Discover how you can identify and protect your trade secrets to maintain your competitive edge. Contact our intellectual property lawyers for a consultation today.

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